Three Reasons to choose Mobile Catering Services

Three Reasons to choose Mobile Catering Services

Don’t get us wrong on this one, we love the traditional sit-down catering gig. We do so many amazing weddings, parties and corporate events like this through the year and each and every one of them is special to us.

That said, the spring and summer months are filled with opportunities to ‘hit the road’, so to speak, in our mobile catering kitchen. The unique catering experience is not only a great time for us, our customers absolutely love it too. While we can definitely make any kitchen equipment or gear available at nearly any site (trust us, we’ve done it), conversely, we can bring the kitchen to you. Literally.

With that in mind, we wanted to break down three main benefits of choosing a mobile catering service for your next event.

Speed Kills

When we bring the kitchen with us, we are solely responsible for everything from end-to-end. In rare cases of brick-and-mortar operations, delays can be experienced due to access or equipment malfunction. While our team is more than capable of making the best out of any situation, the speed and efficiency of our mobile food trailer is tough to beat.
By preparing everything ahead of time at our facility, carefully loading it into the trailer and transport vehicles, on-site setup is a breeze.




The mobile kitchen is perhaps the most versatile option we have when it comes to party or wedding venues. If you can get a vehicle there, we can bring the kitchen.

The same can be said for the food and dining options. We’ve done everything from sandwiches and simple BBQ options from our mobile trailer all the way to sit-down appetizers, canapes and entrees.

It’s Fresh

Sure, the ingredients and food are incredibly fresh. But that’s honestly no different from any other event we cater here in Ottawa. In these mobile cases, the set-up is fresh. It’s cool, hip and a lot of fun for all involved.

For many, the use of a mobile food truck option gives even the classiest of events a dressed-down appeal. We’ve used our mobile catering services for some of the most wonderful weddings, outdoor parties and other events looking to add a casual twist to their day or evening.

For more information about our mobile catering options, be sure to reach out to us directly. We’d love to plan your next event!

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