Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.  If we don't, feel free to contact us directly!

What is MCG At Home?

MCG At Home is our at-home catered meal service. After COVID19 effectively cancelled events we had scheduled for the coming season, we quickly decided to pivot. With a passion for great food, wonderful service and a unique experience, we create chef-inspired meals for pick up and delivery each week.

How Does It Work?

Check out our weekly menus by following us on social or joining our email list where we send them out each week. If you like what you see, order on our online store, select whether you'd like to pick it up at one of our locations or have it delivered to your home (starting at just $10).

Do I Have to Eat It Right Away?

No! Our kits are prepared to be enjoyed for up to 3 nights after you pick them up. Each meal is safely packed in individual containers, including sauces, dressings, garnishes and sides. We also include detailed instructions on how to properly re-heat and prepare each meal. Follow along and get creative with plating for a meal that's guaranteed to impress any day of the week!

Outside of our delivery zone?

Simply contact us and we will see if we can accommodate you!

What About Allergies and Vegetarian Options?

Every menu comes complete with a vegetarian main course and we can make any and all accommodations necessary to each meal. Simply add in any requests when ordering online and our chefs will ensure your meal is prepared accordingly.

*No substitutions for special occasion meals. I.e Christmas & New Years Eve. No exceptions.