Introducing: My Catering Group at Home!

Introducing: My Catering Group at Home!

At this point it’s no secret that the COVID19 pandemic has changed much of the way we have been going about our daily lives. And, not just here in Ottawa, but around the world.

Following the mandatory closures and physical distancing measures put in place by our government, we were immediately affected.

Relying heavily on corporate events, weddings, parties, conferences and other events, we watched as they were quickly cancelled or postponed. Much like everyone else, we followed the direction of health officials to ensure the safety of our staff and community and began to ponder what the future of My Catering Group might look like.

As time marched on and the curve began to flatten, we put into motion some plans that had been kicking around in our heads for quite some time.

One thing was for certain: we love food and we wanted to continue to bring it to as many people as possible, despite the global health conditions.

Enter MCG At Home

The month of May was a big month for us as we came flying out of the gates with our My Catering Group at Home concept that would see us get our kitchens (and hearts) fired up, once again.



The concept was simple, offer an affordable takeout option but one that would give our clientele the experience of gourmet dining we felt many were dying to rekindle with. Our first menu was a massive success as we offered a four-course offering that included soup, salad, main course as well as dessert.

The success of the inaugural week of MCG at Home confirmed our suspicions regarding the need for such as service here in the Ottawa area. So, we ran with it!

We followed it up with our delectable tacos and have yet to look back on what once was. While we are certainly still looking forward to the prospect of hitting the road for in-person events in the near future, we also are of the understanding that that might not be the case for the foreseeable future.

For the time being, we plan to continue what we started with MCG at Home and continue to grow it from there. Each week, we will be releasing a new four-course menu and will be taking orders online for either curbside pickup or delivery (for a nominal fee).  If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to our email list to be the first in the know for every week’s menu selection.

Over the coming weeks we will be expanding our takeout options as well. Look for wine, sprits, cocktails and additional appetizer options such as charcuterie boards and more.

Thanks to all that have supported us through these interesting times – we look forward to serving you well into the future!


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